Why Wood? Tracking This Overhead Door Trend


With a timeless, natural appeal, wood is an aesthetic asset that can increase the curb appeal of any home. In this blog from Larry Myers Garage Doors, discover some of the top pros and cons of this garage door material.


One of the major benefits of a wood garage door is that it is by far the easiest material to customize. Not only is it versatile stylistically but mechanically. Wood can be manipulated to fit a variety of styles: from timeless to modern.Another benefit–if you are prone to redesign whimsy, you can easily and inexpensively change the color of your garage door.

Because wood is pliable, and thus easy-to-customize, it is ideal for homes with non-level flooring. In addition, it is a natural sound barrier and also provides exceptional temperature control. If damage were to occur, wood is much easier to repair than paneled garage doors, which require you to replace full panels.


Because wood is a natural material, it requires regular maintenance to avoid problems such as rotting and discoloration. It is also one of the heaviest materials available and will need proper support from springs and a compatible garage door opener.

Wood garage doors are typically custom-made, so they are not readily available for purchase like standard doors. However, Larry Meyers Garage Doors offers construction timeframes so you can know what to expect when investing in a new garage door.

With a wide variety of styles available to choose from, including Clopay garage doors, and custom-built work, our experts are happy to help you discover the right fit for your home.

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