3 DIY Garage Door Makeovers You’ve Got To See

In this latest edition of the Larry Myers Garage Doors blog, we offer three DIY ideas to help you spruce up your garage door and stand out in your neighborhood. Read on for crafty garage door inspiration!

1) Gel Staining

DIY Gel Stained Garage Door

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What you’ll need:

  • 1 can of Gel Stain
  • 1-2 large paint brushes
  • Power Washer – not mandatory, but makes painting easier!

If you have a power washer, spray down your garage door to remove chipped paint, dirt, or small spots of rust. It’s okay if you don’t have a power washer; simply hose down your door and wipe clean with vinegar.

Once your door is clean and dry, it’s time to paint! All you have to do is apply an even coat of gel stain* across the entire garage door, let it dry, and… you’re done! Some garage doors only require one coat of gel stain, while others, usually those that are white or off-white, may require more. You should be good using just one can of gel stain, which usually costs about $15-$20.

Just like that, $20.00 and three hours later, your gel stain garage door makeover is complete!

2) Building a Garage Canopy

Now, we’re onto the next challenge: building a garage pergola. This DIY project is a bit more technical, so please reference this DIY garage door canopy guide for exact tools, measurements, and instructions.

DIY Garage Canopy

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You will want to make sure that you measure your garage door dimensions and buy or cut your rafters accordingly, especially if you have more than one door. All of you hardware nerds out there – this garage door makeover is the one for you!

3) Creating Faux Detailing

Sometimes, all you need to spruce up your house is a garage door facelift. These decorative simulated windows, door hinges, and handles will give your garage door the subtle elegance you’ve been looking for!

See for yourself! Check out this garage door makeover before and after:

DIY Garage Detailing

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These decorative garage door kits add depth and contrast to your door, acting as a quick, easy solution to your average garage door. Play around with style, placement, and color to give your garage door your own unique touch. While you’re at it, check out these helpful tips to giving your garage door a makeover with fresh paint.

Looking for More?

Your DIY garage exploration doesn’t have to stop here. Learn how to childproof your garage, create bike storage, and even use your garage as a mini greenhouse!

If you have other questions about your garage door, don’t hesitate to visit Larry Myers Garage Doors in Portland, OR, or give us a call today!

*Anytime you decide to paint, stain, or gel your garage door you need to read the manufacturer warranty and painting instructions so you don’t damage the door or void the warranty.