3 Tips to Transform Your Garage into an All-Season Oasis

Who says garages have to be boring? Transforming your garage into a year-round oasis is easier than you may think. Read on to discover our top three garage transformation ideas that can help you maximize the use of your space. 

 Home Gym

Clear out the boxes of clutter and make room for your very own round-the-clock home gym. Adding a few pieces of work out equipment at a time will help to ease you into the routine of working out at home.

If you’re worried about the cost of furnishing your new workout space then simply get creative. Create step-up aerobic stools with old plastic boxes or use soup cans as temporary free weights. Alternatively, clear out enough room for a large yoga mat. Add a portable radio and a few coats of light colored paint and you’ve got yourself a mini zen retreat.

DIY Storage Solutions

If your garage doubles as your storage unit, you’ll be happy to know that DIY storage solutions are an easy and inexpensive way to enhance your space. Getting items off the ground and onto wall-mounted shelves leaves you more floor space to work with when you’re designing a functional garage. Your DIY solution could be something as simple as combining a few cinder blocks and wood pallets. Stack them up against the wall to create a makeshift bookshelf for all of your knickknacks.

Add a Functional Entrance

A garage makeover is not complete without a new door. A custom garage door not only boosts the visual value of your home but also doubles as a functional entrance for your new oasis. However, inexperienced garage door DIYers should not attempt to remove or install a new door. With countless garage door styles to choose from, we’re here to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Transforming a dull garage into an active space is a rewarding experience that can also boost the value of your home. Are you ready to get started? Get in touch with us today!