3 Ways to Protect Your Garage from Hackers and Thieves

Keeping your home secure and safe from would-be criminals is paramount for maintaining peace of mind. However, a recent video on YouTube from user Samy Kamkar illustrates how a simple child’s toy is able to break through and hack a number of remote garage door openers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways you can make sure your garage door is not easily hacked.

Update Your Remote

Because older remotes use a limited 4,096 codes to open the garage door, they are easily hackable by devices that can try every single one of those codes in a blink of an eye. Using a newer remote with rolling-code technology sends out a new, fresh code to open the garage door upon each use—up to 4.3 billion different possible combinations!

We also recommend keeping your garage door remote in a secure and moveable location like your car. If your remote is with you when you’re away from the house, there’s less of a chance a thief can get their hands on it. It’s a simple idea, but even the simplest ideas can keep you secure.

The Right Door for Protection

Ok, now that you’ve got your rolling-code remote, it’s important that you have the best kind of thief repellent—a steel garage door. The steel garage doors you’ll find here at Larry Myers Garage Doors are secure, durable, and (most importantly) won’t make a huge dent in your wallet. Another solution to keeping out thieves? Keep your garage door shut. We know, we know – it sounds simple, but oftentimes, homeowners can forget to shut their doors and that act says, “Hey, come on in and take a look around.”

On Vacation? Take Precaution

While having an updated remote and a high-quality steel garage door work great for protection, what can you do when you’re on vacation and an extended time away from home? These two easy and affordable solutions are both simple and cost-effective.

  • Buy a padlock to install on the inside of your garage door. If you’re not going to be regularly opening and closing your garage door because you’re not home, having the extra lock installed will keep intruders out.
  • Install security cameras. Luckily, the average consumer can pick up a cloud-based security camera so that you can pop in and check on your home while you’re away. Something like Google’s Nest Security cameras are both affordable and reliable.

Making sure your garage door is protected from hackers and burglars is your first line of defense against unwanted trespassers. Getting the proper garage door remote, a strong and durable steel garage door, and adding additional security are just a few ways to stay more secure.

Have additional questions? Reach out to the experts here at Larry Myers, and we’ll get you all the help you need for repair, updates, and other services.