4 Garage Temperature Control Tips for the Hot Summer Months

Even in the Pacific Northwest, summers can get pretty hot, and if your garage doesn’t have air conditioning, it can really heat up during the summer months. Here are 4 garage temperature control tips to help keep you cool.

Garage Temperature Control Tip #1: Let Your Car Cool in the Driveway

When most people arrive home, they pull their car straight into the garage, even if they’re planning on working in the garage that evening. Because the engine gets so hot, heat radiates from the car even after it has been shut off, which can quickly add a few degrees to the thermostat. One easy way to keep the temperature down is to simply let your car cool in the driveway before pulling into the garage. Just be sure to remember to move the car back into the garage after it has cooled, as garages can protect your car from things like theft, hail, etc.

Garage Temperature Control Tip #2: Make Sure Your Garage is Properly Insulated

Maximizing your garage’s R-value is a great way to control your garage temperature in the summer and winter. Proper insulation will help keep hot air out and cold air in during the summer months. While installing a garage door with a high R-value is the best way to insulate your garage, there are other steps you can take to improve insulation. Adding polystyrene or polyurethane foam to all the nooks and crannies in and around the garage door, for example, can block airflow, keeping your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Garage Temperature Control Tip #3: Choose Light Colored Exterior Paints

If you’ve ever stepped outside in a black t-shirt on a sunny day, you understand how much of a difference color can make. If you envision working out in your garage during the summer, and you aren’t interested in paying for air conditioning in the garage, you might want to consider choosing a lighter color for your garage door, especially if you have a west-facing garage. Garage door windows can also allow sunlight into the garage, making it warmer than it might be otherwise.

Garage Temperature Control Tip #4: Install a Dehumidifier

Lowering the humidity level in your garage can make it feel significantly cooler, and a dehumidifier is the most efficient way to do that. Simply install the machine, which removes moisture from the air and releases dry air back into the garage. Because dehumidifiers store all the extracted moisture in a tray at the bottom of the unit, it’s important that you regularly empty this water, as the dehumidifier will not function when the tray is full.

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