4 Steps to Giving Your Garage Door a Makeover with Fresh Paint

Even though spring is not until March 20th, 2018, it’s never too early to think about fun spring makeovers for your house. Applying a fresh coat of paint to your garage door is a great way to make your home feel new, bright, and welcoming. While we don’t do paint jobs ourselves here at Larry Myers, we do recommend the following steps when updating and reinvigorating your garage’s paint job!


Before any big paint job, it’s important to prep the item you’re painting before you start the job. We recommend fully cleaning the door with a specific surface cleaner (depending on what the garage door is built from) or an all-purpose cleaning solution. After fully cleaning the door, rinse off the door completely with water—the garage is big, so we recommend a hose. After all, you don’t want any chemicals left on the door before the next step.

Sealing and Stripping

After the door is completely spotless and clean, you’ll want to use painting tape and mask any handles, trimming, or window seams so that you don’t paint on them. And as with any painting job, throw down a drop cloth; you’re painting your garage door not your driveway, after all. Next, you’ll want to use a chemical stripper to remove the old paint. You don’t want to paint over old paint as it can create clumping and color change, and no one wants those.

Prime and Paint

Before priming and painting, make sure you chose the appropriate weather for you project. Since your garage door is outside, painting in cold, super-hot, or rainy weather is not recommended. Before you bust open the cans, you need to prime the garage door. For most any type of door material and surface, a latex exterior primer works very well. Using either a wide paintbrush, paint roller, or paint sprayer is going to be the quickest way to get the most coverage in a short amount of time. After letting the primer set for 12 to 24 hours, it’s time to paint.

Paint 2

Just like the primer, using a wide paintbrush, paint roller, or paint sprayer will get the paint job done quick. Though, if you’re using a sprayer, take extra precaution regarding excess paint, as a sprayer is less controllable when compared to a brush or roller. Apply the necessary number of coats depending on the color and look you’re going for.

Clean it Up

You did it! Now that your garage door is the perfect shade to match your new spring attitude, it’s time to properly clean up your work. Pick up all your drop cloths, slowly and precisely remove the paint tape, wash your brushes, and bask in the glow of your beautiful new garage door.

For other garage door needs, we at Larry Myers are here to help. Whether it’s garage repair or you’re looking for parts and services, our garage door experts have you covered. Happy painting!