5 Bike Storage Ideas for Your Garage

In the Portland area, more and more people own bicycles and use them as a primary form of transportation. If your garage is short on square footage, consider storing bikes off the ground to free up additional floor space for other storage and garage organization needs. Here are a few bike storage ideas that are easy to put together.

Bike Storage on a Budget

Looking for a quick and easy solution? Head down to your local home improvement store, pick up a few heavy-duty hooks (coated with plastic so they don’t scratch your bike!), and screw them into the walls of your garage. One bike requires just one hook to store vertically.

Portable Bike Rack

A standing bike rack can hold two bikes and secures to a wall with a drywall screw. This option can be especially useful for city-dwellers who don’t have their own residential garages. With a slim profile, this rack can be moved around easily and works well inside apartments.

Overhead Garage Shelving

Set up wire racks on an electric lift system for an easy way to make the most of your space. Simply park and secure your bike on the rack and press the button to lift it into place near the garage ceiling. Voila!

Secure & Space-Saving Vertical Bike Racks

That U-lock you use to lock up your bike on public racks? It can also double as a secure storage hook inside your garage! The Ultra Space Saver and other similar equipment are specially-designed bike racks for your garage. All you’d need to do is hang your bike on it and attach it to the rack with your lock as you would any public rack.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Some vertical bike racks allow bikes to hang flush against the wall, so you’re able to free up much more garage space. Just wheel your bike up onto the rack and swivel the rack to be parallel with the wall.

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