5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

At Larry Myers, we’re sometimes asked by our customers what to do with their old garage doors when they purchase new ones. While you can always recycle old garage doors by taking them to a recycling center, we recommend repurposing the material. Garage doors are often made of high quality wood, metal, and fiberglass materials. Repurposed doors can provide the resources for sturdy furniture, innovative art ideas, and fun DIY projects. Here are a few converted garage door ideas we’ve gathered over the years from our customers.

Benches, Chairs, and Tables

Depending on how involved you would like to get in your DIY project, a simple outdoor bench or an ornate kitchen island table are possible creations. To make a bench or chair, use one panel for the seat, and material from other panels for the legs.

Raised Plant Beds

Garage door panels are just the right size to make the walls of raised plant beds. First, cut some panels down to size for the smaller ends of a rectangular shape. Nail the panels together and bury about 1/4th of the panels in the ground to secure them in place. Fill with dirt, and plant your favorite garden vegetables or flowers.

Headboard for Your Bed

Repurposed wood door panels would make a beautiful headboard for your queen or king sized bed. Be sure to weight the headboard at the bottom or secure it to the wall to prevent it from falling on you while you sleep!

Privacy Screen

Reattach wood or metal garage door panels to one another with flexible hinges to create a backyard privacy screen or moveable wall.

Display Case or Little Greenhouse

Glass paneled garage doors can easily be repurposed into glass boxes, which you could use as a display case or outdoor greenhouse for smaller potted plants. Keep the glass in the garage door panels, and reattach the panels in a rectangle, hinging one side for a nifty see-through cabinet.

Of course, these are just some basic ideas. Read about reusing old doors at Architecture, Art, Design, and check out some environmentally friendly ways to repurpose old garage doors from Green Building Elements. Let us know how you’ll repurpose your garage door when you purchase a new one at Larry Myers Garage Doors.