7 Ideas for Repurposing Your Garage This Summer

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Summer is nearly here, which means we’re ready to spend our days and nights outdoors here in the Portland-Vancouver area. Many homeowners take these nicer days to transform their garages into additional living spaces that combine indoor and outdoor living.

While there are endless ways to remodel your garage, here are some great designs we’ve seen:

1.    Home Gym

Instead of pumping iron in a hot, windowless basement, moving your equipment to the garage can provide a more inspiring space to get your workout. You can enjoy natural light through garage windows and fresh air when the garage door is up.

garage home gym

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2. Tiny Guest House

You’d never know this used to be a garage! This bright space includes living room furniture, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft. If you decide to convert your garage to a tiny house, don’t forget to insulate your garage to keep the warm air contained during our cold northwest winters.

tiny house garage

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3. Lounge

In this converted garage, your friends might never want to leave. Fill the space with comfy chairs, table games, a TV to watch your favorite teams, and even a bar if there’s room. During the summer, keep the garage door up for a fun indoor-outdoor space.

garage man cave

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4. Art Studio

Bring the natural light in by moving your art studio into the garage. You won’t have to worry about ruining your nice floors and can find inspiration from the outdoors. Plus, with the right garage storage, your studio will never feel cluttered.

art studio garage

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5. Home Office

A home office in the garage is more isolated from the rest of the house, so you can get work done with fewer distractions. To make the most of the space, add shelving for storage and skylights for natural light. Consider installing a new garage door to match your stylish new space.

garage home office

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6. Living Room

When your garage looks this good, you’ll never want to leave. Create an additional living space in your garage with fresh paint, stylish furniture, and comfortable flooring to match the rest of your home. Embrace outdoor living during the summer by extending the room beyond the garage door.

garage living room

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7. Home Theater

All you need is a big screen, sound equipment, and comfy furniture to turn an empty garage into a movie theater. Keep it closed and warm during the winter, or keep the door up to host a summer movie night for your neighbors and friends.

garage home theater

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These are just a few of the many ways people have repurposed their garages. If you don’t want to commit to an entire makeover, you can also incorporate garage doors into your home with unique designs.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your garage or find the perfect garage door to complete your space, contact Larry Myers Garage Doors in Vancouver or Portland today for a free estimate. Our experts are excited to help you create the garage of your dreams.