8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Sometimes, it’s obvious a garage door needs to be replaced. Other times, it might not be so apparent. That’s why we’ve put together a list of eight signs it’s time for a new one to make sure you don’t have to guess.

Repeated Breakdowns

If your garage door repeatedly breaks down, it’s no longer doing its job. Aside from being inconvenient, a garage door that is no longer working properly can actually be dangerous. While the answer is sometimes just a garage door repair, other times, you’re really better off replacing the entire thing.

Persistent Noises

Modern garage doors are incredibly quiet. However, even older ones shouldn’t be making a bunch of commotion when going up or down. If your garage door begins making noises, that’s a really good sign something worse is on the horizon. Invest in a garage door replacement now and you can avoid future problems.

The Door Is Damaged

Maybe you don’t need a noise to know something is wrong with your garage door. Whether the paint is peeling or there is an actual dent or hole in the door, it’s time for a new one.

Lack of Safety Features

As we touched on above, when a garage door isn’t working correctly, it can be downright dangerous. A lot of times, it becomes necessary to replace you garage door because you’ve had kids or gotten a pet. Modern doors come with sensors to ensure they won’t continue shutting if someone or something is in the way. However, there are a number of other reasons a garage door can become unsafe, making a replacement necessary.

Insurance Costs Too Much

Along the same lines, everyone knows a safer home is much more affordable to insure. Talk to your insurance agent about what a new garage door would do to your current rate.

You Need More from Your Garage

Perhaps you simply need more from your garage. Maybe you want to use it for a workspace or a workout room. Whatever the case, if you want to make the garage more comfortable, a new door is essential. The weather in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington can make a garage feel as cold as the outdoors. Get a new, high-quality door and you’ll be surprised how warm your garage will feel.

Your Energy Bills Are On The Rise

Speaking of which, if you’re tired of your utility bills skyrocketing when winter comes, garage door insulation could be your ticket to turning things around. If your garage door is lackluster, it’s letting out the hot air you spend so much money on. It might as well not even be there!

Curb Appeal Is Important

Everyone wants a home they can take pride in and this includes its appearance. A new garage door will give your entire home a new look and increase not just its curb appeal, but also its value.

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