Automating Your Garage Door

Automating Your Garage Door

Even if you have had your garage door for a while it can still be automated. Because there are many home break-ins that occur through the garage, you do not want to risk leaving the garage door open because of the risk of theft. By automating your garage door, you can protect your home and its contents.

One way you can automate your garage door and improve security is by automating your garage door. You can even set it up to operate it using your smartphone. You will just need a few things – a smartphone, a Smart sensor, a compatible garage door opener, and a Smart hub.

The garage door technician will install the relay switch in your garage and place a sensor on your garage door, so it can sense if the garage door is open or closed. After the installation process is completed, you can open or close your garage door when you arrive and leave through two different options. You can either use your smartphone as a presence sensor or you can carry a presence sensor with you in your car, purse, briefcase, or on your keychain.

If you think you have forgotten to close your garage door, you can simply check and close it using an app on your smartphone. Thanks to technological advances, there are many ways you can open and close your garage door now rather than the traditional manually opening and closing of the garage door that was commonplace for many years.

 You can opt for other kinds of keyless entry that do not involve a smartphone, including a wireless keypad or a remote control. If you are ready to automate your garage door, call the experienced technicians at Larry Myers Garage Doors. We offer the full line of garage door service and repair needs.