Best Garage Door Maintenance Tips for 2015

The new year signals the need for performing annual maintenance on your garage door. If you’re a savvy homeowner, you may be interested in creating a well-rounded garage door maintenance checklist ahead of time so you can keep your door in good shape. Read on to discover our top tips that should be on your checklist!

Visual Inspection
On a monthly basis, you should perform a thorough visual inspection of your garage door and its components to ensure that everything looks intact. Keep an eye out for frayed cables or components hanging lower than they normally do.

Balance Test
A balance test is crucial for garage door opener maintenance. It should be performed once a month. Start by turning off your automatic door opener if applicable, and then pull your garage door down manually. If it is difficult to pull or hangs lower one side, you may need to have it rebalanced by a professional.

Reversing Mechanism
You can test your automatic garage door’s reversing mechanism by placing a large piece of wood or similar obtrusion in the center of your garage where the door would normally rest. Attempt to automatically close your garage door with the transmitter button. If it does not reverse before hitting the item, you should have the reversing mechanism serviced.

If your garage door’s panels are worn, cracked, or damaged in another way, you may want to consider replacing them. Failure to do so can result in more costly damages later on. Installing new panels is a cost effective alternative to replacing your garage door entirely.

Garage door components such as hinges, tracks and rollers should be lubricated with an approved product on a semi-annual basis. This simple maintenance tip can prevent rust, squeaks and other problems in the future.

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