Garage Door Materials: Pros and Cons of Wood, Steel, and Specialty Doors

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we understand the need for different types of garage doors. From traditional steel or wood doors to modern specialty doors, we carry a wide range of materials for Northwest homes. In order to help you make informed garage door choices, we break down the pros and cons of different garage door materials:


Striking and durable, wooden garage doors have been a staple of homes in the Pacific Northwest for decades. Wood doors can withstand harsh winters and dents better than most other garage door materials, while also blending into nearly any residential setting. On the negative side, they require significantly more maintenance and have lower insulation value than synthetic materials. For traditional homes, away from the ocean, wood can be the perfect garage door material.


Steel offers a cost-effective and durable alternative for garage doors. Known for varying designs, different price points, and low maintenance requirements, steel garage doors are practical and useful. Because they come in different thicknesses, however, insulation can be an issue for less expensive steel doors. Although lacking the distinguished look of wood, steel garage doors are a solid choice for most residential settings.


For homeowners looking for that unique look, specialty garage doors are the best option. Featuring unique designs and custom materials, these garage doors will instantly transform any home. The major drawback for specialty garage doors is the price. Because they require custom construction and installation, these doors are typically more expensive than more basic models. Although they can be expensive, specialty garage doors are capable of enhancing the look of any home.

When choosing your new garage door, the materials are a crucial part of the decision. Contact the garage door professionals at Larry Myers for more information and consultation.

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