Single vs Double Door Garages: How to Choose

Double Door Garage in Suburbs

Choosing the perfect garage door is about more than just materials and aesthetics. For most of us, functionality is the number one priority, which is why it’s important to understand how different garage doors handle different situations. We’ve laid out the biggest pros and cons for choosing between one double-sized garage door or two single doors.

Double-size, usually 14 to 16 feet wide


Less Routine Maintenance: One door means one set of tracks and one automatic system. Two garage doors will require twice the maintenance and upkeep.

Lower Installation Costs: Depending on the material, one double door may cost less to install.


Less Flexibility: If a double garage door breaks down, both vehicles will be unreachable until the problem is fixed.

Higher Maintenance Costs: The increased weight of the double door can cause expensive problems, which could lead to higher long-term maintenance costs.

Two single doors, each around 8 to 10 feet wide


More Flexibility: Two single doors are ideal for two-vehicle families with different work hours or those who prefer to use half of the garage for storage. In the event that one door malfunctions you will still have access to the other vehicle.

Better Temperature Control: If you live in a colder climate and are concerned with maintaining the heat inside the garage, opening half as much surface space lets less cold air in.


Higher Electrical Costs: The daily operation of two separate garage doors can use more electricity than a double-sized door.

More Maintenance: Garage doors require upkeep every few years, and two doors means two separate systems that will need to be maintained. This can potentially increase overall costs, especially if you use both doors on a regular basis.

While functionality is key, it’s also important to consider your aesthetic preferences. What would a large single garage door look like on your house? What do other houses in the neighborhood have? Do you want your house to stand out or blend in? Browse our custom-made speciality garage doors or contact us today to help find the perfect garage door for your specific needs.