Pros & Cons of Using Garage Doors in Indoor Living Spaces

Indoor Glass Garage Doors

It’s true: garage doors aren’t just for our garages. One of the latest home design trends? Glass garage doors for interior use. And really, it’s not just popular in homes—many local restaurants and breweries are utilizing interior glass garage doors to create stylish indoor/outdoor seating areas.

Could an indoor garage door be the right fit for your living space? In this edition of the Larry Myers Garage Door blog, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this increasingly popular design trend.

Pros & Cons of Interior Garage Doors

Pro #1: Bringing in the Light

Is your living space feeling a little dark, stifled, or drab? Indoor glass garage doors bring in tons of light, giving your indoor living space an open and airy feel. With light pouring in your home, you’re essentially bringing a piece of the outdoors in; a beautiful look! Looking for interior garage door ideas? Living room garage doors are all the rage. Not only do they bring natural light into one of the most utilized room in the house, but it also facilitates a beautiful view of the outdoors from the comfort of your couch.

Pro #2: Opening Up Space

Indoor garage doors can create a more flexible living space. In fact, they can even make a small space look much larger. Plus, if you have a beautiful yard or patio area to show off, a glass garage door allows you to tear down a wall and create a window into your outdoor oasis. Glass garage doors for patios are increasingly popular, and they can be great for indoor/outdoor parties when the weather is nice.

Pro #3 A Unique Aesthetic

If you’re looking to make your interior space stand out, then an indoor garage door is a perfect way to do just that. For a more in-depth look into this aesthetic, hop on over to read our blog on the striking ways garage doors can be used in modern design, which provides interior garage door ideas for your living room, patio, kitchen, home office, and guest room.

Con #1: Insulation

If you plan to install an interior glass garage door in your home, be sure you’re working with a professional garage door installation company. You need to make sure the door is properly insulated, as glass doors can allow a lot of heat to escape. If you’re not careful, this could drive up your utility costs.

Con #2: Privacy

If your indoor glass garage door is facing a street, it can leave you feeling exposed. You’ll want to make sure to strategize the proper window coverings, such as roller shades, which can help give you the privacy you need without sacrificing your indoor garage door. Before launching into this design project, be sure you’ve taken privacy into consideration.

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If you live in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington area, we’re always happy to consult with you about your garage door plans and provide expert recommendations on these types of specialty garage doors. We hope that you found these tips to be helpful! Be sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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