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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

Larry Myers Garage Door Wood

Because residential garage doors don’t need to be replaced very often, you may be totally lost when it comes to the cost of a new garage door. As a major provider of garage doors in Oregon and Washington, Larry Myers can help you estimate the average cost of purchasing and installing a new garage door. Continue reading

“Simply the Best:” Larry Myers Garage Doors Customer Testimonials


Looking for the best garage door repair and installation in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington? Look no further than Larry Myers Garage Doors. Not only have we been proudly serving the area for over 45 years, but we’re committed to delivering exceptional work at a fair price. But you don’t just have to take our word on it. Here’s what real-life customers have to say about their experience working with Larry Myers Garage Doors. Continue reading

Holiday Season Tips: Damage-Free Ways to Decorate Your Garage

Holiday LightsAh, ‘tis the holiday season. A season of fun, family, delicious food, festive parties, thoughtful presents, and sure, maybe a bit of extra stress. For many homeowners, the holidays mark a time to stand out in the neighborhood, showcasing their homes with gorgeous lights and decorations. Many homeowners will choose to decorate their garages, hanging lights and festive decorations over their garage doors.

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