Common Garage Door Problems That Require Repair

Common Garage Door Problems That Require Repair

If you have a garage door, you will eventually find yourself needing a garage door repair service. All garage doors have problems at one time or another, and while routine maintenance decreases the chances of major issues, parts do wear out and age. While there are hundreds of things that could go wrong with your garage door, here are a few of the most common garage door problems that you may face.

  • Garage door opener will not work
  • A grinding noise from the door
  • Cracks or gaps in the garage door allowing air in the garage
  • Weather sealant that is cracked or worn
  • Garage door opens then closes itself immediately
  • Problems with the sensors
  • Door off track
  • Cable problems
  • Garage door springs either broken or damaged

If your garage door is not working up to par, you should call on a qualified garage door technician to take care of the problem. Garage door repairment have undergone extensive training and have hands-on experience with handling the gamut of garage door issues.

Troubleshooting The Problem

When your garage door has problems, you do not want to simply address the symptoms you notice. Instead, you want to make sure that the proper troubleshooting is done so the root of the problem is addressed, and your garage door can provide you with years of service. Several problems can have similar symptoms, but you want to make sure that the issue is resolved as it should be, so you do not have to go through the same thing over and over.

Garage door repairs can be dangerous if an inexperienced individual is attempting to handle tasks such as cables or springs. You want to make sure the job is handled professionally and that you have a reputable technician who believes in doing the job right the first time on hand to take care of the task.

When it comes to your garage door repair needs, you can depend on the team at Larry Myers Garage Door. Call us today to schedule service. We can take care of any garage door issue, regardless of make or manufacturer.