Creative Garage Storage Ideas

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For most homeowners, the garage is not just a place to park cars, but also an area to work and hangout. Unfortunately, garages also tend to be the place in which we store everything that doesn’t have a spot inside our home.

Without proper storage space, garage organization can quickly turn into a huge nightmare. The last thing you want to do is spend 20 minutes of your day scouring through piles of junk just to find that rake you know you put somewhere close by.

At Larry Myers, we understand this constant struggle. That’s why we’ve come up with a few garage storage ideas to help optimize space and keep your garage organized and clutter free.

First, Sort and Consolidate

There are tons of great storage ideas that can be used to maintain a beautifully organized garage. But before you jump right in and start installing shelves or cabinets, begin by first sorting through and consolidating all related items (i.e. paints, household cleaners, sports gear, garden tools, holiday decorations, etc.). Grouping similar items together will help you determine exactly which methods of storage will work best for your garage.

Here are a few tips for easy garage organization:

DIY Ball Corral

Whether your garage is loaded with free-floating basketballs, soccer balls, or bouncy balls, this simple storage solution will save you endless aggravation in keeping them all off of the floor and in one place. Best of all, the bungees allow for a variety of different sized balls to fit into the corral, while taking up hardly any space at all.

DIY ball corral

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Ceiling Hooks

Ceiling hooks are inexpensive, easy to install, and can free up much-needed storage space by getting larger items like kayaks and bicycles off the floor.

garage ceiling hooks

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When it comes to easy garage storage, there are few things handier than pegboard. From tools like hammers and saws to yard equipment like shears and trowels, pegboard is a great option for neatly organizing tons of items, while keeping them all easily accessible.

Overhead Storage

It’s easy to forget about the area directly above your garage door, but there’s actually a good amount of free space up there just waiting to be used. Whether you build shelving yourself or install a pre-made system, use this area to store bins of holiday supplies, camping gear, or extra items that you don’t use often.

overhead garage storage

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Locker-style cabinets

This storage solution can get a little pricey, but if you’re aiming for an incredibly clean and professional look, there’s no better option. Locker-style cabinets are also a great way to keep hazardous items (i.e. paint, gas, oil, etc.) out of reach of children. Metal cabinets can even help prevent a fire from spreading should one of those items ignite.

garage locker cabinets

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Reuse & Repurpose

Not every organization project has to dip into your wallet. With some creativity, you can make storage containers out of items already found in your home or garage. For instance, if you have an old filing cabinet lying around, you can easily transform it into a handy holder for your yard tools. An old wooden pallet will also do the trick, while taking up even less room.

repurposed file cabinet

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These are just a few of the countless storage ideas you can try in your own garage. At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we love sharing our passion for garages with homeowners throughout the Portland-Vancouver area. To schedule a garage door repair or installation, call or visit our Portland location today.