Are You a Part of the Tiny House Movement? Ways to Make a Garage Work for Your Square Footage


When you were a kid imagining your dream house, it was probably some type of outlandish mansion. Maybe it had 20 rooms, a swimming pool, your own bowling alley, and a movie theater.

Like a lot of us, though, you may have grown up to realize this kind of dream house would actually be a nightmare to maintain. Perhaps even the more modest version you currently own is proving to be a bit much. If so, you might be ready to join the tiny house movement via a garage conversion.

Adding a Garage to Your Tiny House

Just because you want to live the tiny house lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have a garage for extra storage. There’s also no reason to think that a garage must be large and obtrusive. A single-stall garage with just enough space for your essentials is an option that could end up making a world of difference in keeping your tiny home goals realistic.

Using a garage for storage makes a tiny house lifestyle more sustainable and tidy. When you’re working with minimal square footage, garages offer a great place to store luggage, machinery, equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, or tools; really, anything that may be too cumbersome or unsightly to keep in your regular living quarters.

Garages as Tiny Houses

Garages aren’t just for extra storage. In fact, you can even convert a garage into a dwelling unit or a workspace, such as an art studio. Many people have made beautiful tiny houses from old garages.

Art Studio Garage Conversion

Modern designs are especially effective at turning a garage into a home you’ll be proud of. Just be sure to insulate your garage door properly so everyone stays nice and warm during the winter. Steel doors provide excellent insulation, but if you’re using an all-glass door or a modern-style door for your home, you’ll definitely want to add additional insulation, both to the doors and to the garage itself.

While there are countless garage conversion ideas out there that you could use for creating your own tiny home, the one benefit they all have in common is that you’re working with a preexisting structure. This will generally end up saving you a lot of money and can even help where zoning laws are concerned.

If you have questions about your garage conversion project, or would like help installing, repairing, or insulating your garage or garage door, contact Larry Myers. We’d love to work with you on your next project!

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