How Is a Garage Door Installed? The Process Breakdown

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we understand that proactive home and business owners want to know what to expect during garage door installation. If you’ve ever wondered how to install a garage door, our garage door experts have outlined the core steps in the process below:

Prep the Area

Before a new garage door can be installed, the old one and all of its components must be removed properly. Gaps, holes and other damages to the frame should be fixed prior to installation to provide a perfect blank slate for your new garage door.

Install New Panels

If you’re installing a standard garage door, the panels should be attached from top to bottom before they can be secured with hinges and axle supports. During this step, it’s crucial to use a reinforcing bar to prevent bowing, bending and warping.

Secure the Track

Garage door tracks require brackets that typically attach to the vertical pieces of the track. However, bracket placement varies. Improper installation can lead to a variety of problems, including poor alignment. An experienced garage door installation company will ensure that your tracks are properly aligned. Once the tracks are secured, the spring assembly must be attached to the track.

Install the Spring, Torsion Rod and Pulleys

Garage door springs are under high levels of tension, making them a safety hazard if they aren’t installed properly. The spring must be placed on supports and should be adjusted once the torsion rod, pulleys and cable are attached.

Installing a new garage door can be challenging and dangerous if not done properly. For worry- and hassle-free installation, contact us today. For over 40 years, we’ve been serving the Portland metro community and look forward to serving you!