Garage Door Repair Scams: How to Protect Yourself

garage door scam

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Up next in consumer alerts: the all-too-common garage door repair scam. The Door & Access System Manufacturers Association (DASMA) and International Door Association (IDA) recently issued warnings about these scams that occur nationwide. Follow along with our tips to detect shady garage door repair operations and to find out how to identify reputable companies.

Tip #1: Scammers Work in Metro Areas

Garage door repair scammers operate in metro areas like Portland and Vancouver, where many garage door companies already exist. They will also advertise heavily with the promise of low fees. These tactics allow them to target a larger percentage of the population by posing as another trusted provider in the area.

Tip #2: Always Double Check Your Garage Door Service Bill

Scammers are notorious for overcharging on simple fixes to rack up the bill. Before you choose a garage door service provider, acquire additional estimates and compare the charges. A scammer will often tack on additional fees for unnecessary parts and repairs.

Tip #3: Watch Garage Door Consumer Alert Videos

The garage door experts at DASMA & IDA published consumer alert videos to warn consumers about the prevalence of garage door repair scams. We encourage all garage door owners to watch these videos to learn more about identifying and avoiding scammers.

Tip #4: How to Distinguish Scammers from Real Garage Door Companies

The uneducated consumer might have a hard time distinguishing between scammers and genuine garage door repair companies. The videos above mention several ways to find a reputable company, including:

  • Checking the Better Business Bureau for reviews.
  • Searching for garage door dealers on DASMA or IDA databases.
  • Calling the company in question to ask for a street address.

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