Garage Door Won't Open? Try These Tips

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we have been the leading garage door experts in the Pacific Northwest since 1973. One of the most common problems that we have noticed homeowners facing is their garage door not opening. While this can be a sign of a serious problem, these tips can help you troubleshoot and determine when it is time to call for professional help.

Remove Clutter

Clutter can be the culprit of your garage door not opening properly. Safety sensors are mounted on both sides of garage doors and emit a light to one another. If the light does not reach the other side successfully, safety measures will kick in and prevent your garage door from opening or closing. Remove any clutter near the safety sensors and gently wipe the surface to ensure that debris isn’t blocking the signal.

Check the Batteries

If you have a garage door stuck in one position, check to see if the batteries in your remote garage door opener are out. In some cases, garage door opener wall control units are also powered by batteries which typically need to be changed annually.

Check the Electrical Components

Electrical components can incur damages like fraying that can prevent your garage door from opening. If you notice split, frayed or open wires, do not attempt to fix them on your own. A professional should be consulted to avoid injury.

If your garage door is not opening properly, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our friendly technicians are available to resolve your problems quickly and get your garage door working like new again.