Garage Doors and Pets: Hazards You Should Know

It’s undeniably convenient to have a garage attached to your home. Your garage can shelter your car during bad weather, offer storage for tools and outdoor equipment, and even provide you with a convenient workspace.

Your garage doors provide added security and make it easier to access your home with heavy loads of groceries or other items. However, if you have pets, they can be injured by your garage doors. This is especially true if you have an automatic garage door system.

Don’t worry; your pets can coexist peacefully with your garage doors. You just have to be aware of the potential hazards.

Pets Can Become Trapped in the Garage

Be absolutely certain that pets are never accidentally left inside your garage. It’s easier than you think for smaller animals to slip out while the door from your home into your garage is open.

Depending on the weather, an animal trapped in a garage without temperature control could suffer from hypothermia or die from heatstroke.

Cats are at even higher risk in a garage. They may climb into the rafters and risk being injured if you open or close your garage door.

Be Careful of Garage Door Machinery

You may not think about it, but it is possible for pets to chew or paw at your garage door sensors or other electromechanical equipment. Don’t leave animals unsupervised in your garage. They could damage your garage door or injure themselves.

Test Garage Doors for Pet Safety

All garage doors should be tested for safety. If the sensors are working correctly, a garage door will stop and reverse itself if there is an obstruction. If they are not working correctly, a pet could be crushed or otherwise hurt.

Don’t Tether Pets to Garage Doors

Of course, you would never tie your pet to a garage door handle and leave it there. However, there are pet owners who have temporarily wrapped a leash around a garage door handle “just for a second.”

Unfortunately, a second is all that it takes. Someone inside your home who is unaware could hit the garage door button. You could even accidentally activate the button on your garage door opener or from your car. This could lead to serious injury or death.

Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

The best protection for your pet is a safe garage door that is kept in good repair. At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we specialize in garage door maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment!