How to choose a garage door that will last

How to choose a garage door that will last

A garage door is the largest single moving component of a home and a quality door will last for decades. If you are in the market for a new door or perhaps replacing one that is damaged or worn, it is important to take your time and be aware of the many available options, as well as cautionary tales.

A garage door opens and closes thousands of times every year and most of us take that convenience for granted. We pull our cars in and out and park all manner of other equipment inside and rarely give the door a second thought. Not only are garage doors highly functional and critical elements of a home, they have a tremendous impact on its appearance, from curb appeal to strategically planned exterior design.

With such a wide range of garage door options available today, it can be difficult to choose one that best fits your particular scenario. Here are some handy tips for selecting the perfect garage door.

Instant good looks

Did you know that a home’s garage door makes up about 40 percent of its front-facing appearance? Indeed, your personal style and overall impression to the outside world is greatly influenced by that big door; a damaged, dilapidated, dirty old thing won’t do much to boost your odds of selling your home, for example, but the opposite is also true.

Energy saver

Given the number of times a garage door opens and closes, it’s no surprise that temperatures fluctuate wildly. For garages and homes joined at the hip, that has a huge impact on comfort within the home as well as the size of your utility bills. An old, non-insulated garage door lets a lot of heat escape; in fact, it can be 10-20 degrees warmer inside a garage with an insulated door. Polystyrene and foam insulated doors are popular choices today.

Get your style on

Just like a new paint job or fancy filigrees, a smartly styled garage door can do wonders with the looks of your home. Be sure to choose a door that complements your home’s personality and lines. A modern home style might appreciate a garage door with a clean look and design, while an old Victorian with elegant woodwork would benefit from a door featuring piano windows, iron hinges, and other features true to the period.

Keep in care requirements in mind as well. Authentic wood doors, for example, look great but demand regular maintenance. Synthetic material is easier to clean but might not fit older home styles.