How to Do a Garage Door Safety Test in 1 Minute from Our Partners at LiftMaster


We are proud to partner with LiftMaster to bring you the best of commercial and residential garage doors. A critical-yet often overlooked-part of garage door maintenance is the photo eyes, also known as safety sensors. These small devices should be installed on both sides of your garage door. If you have ever wondered how to check your garage door safety sensors, read on to discover a simple one minute test that you can perform anytime for peace of mind.

 Check the Photo Eyes

Inspect both sides of your garage door for properly installed photo eyes. They should be mounted no higher than six inches off of the ground.

 Block the Photo Eyes

Place a large object such as a box in front of one photo eye. The object must be over six inches tall. Close your garage door with your automatic opener. It should reverse prior to hitting the object.

 Block the Opening

Finally, place an object that is roughly 1 1/2 inches tall on the ground in the middle of where your garage door would normally rest. Attempt to close it using your automatic opener. If it reverses prior to hitting the object, your garage door safety sensors are functioning normally.

We continue to put safety first by providing helpful and doable garage door safety tips such as this easy test from our partners at LiftMaster, a leading garage door manufacturer for over 45 years. For more garage door safety tips, be sure to visit our blog.

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