How to Fix a Garage Door Gap

Garage Door Gap MainAfter years of use, your garage door can become crooked and also develop gaps along the top, sides, and bottom. If you notice a hole forming around your garage door, troubleshoot it using these easy steps.

Diagnosing a Garage Door Gap

A garage door gap of any size can let in rain, wind, and debris and even put you at risk for unwanted critters. The location of the gap will help you to determine the potential source and method of repair.

  • Top & Side Gaps – Holes along the top and sides could mean that your garage door stops need to be adjusted or replaced. If your stops seem flush with the door, the track bolts may need to be tightened or loosened.
  • Bottom Gaps – In most cases, a bottom gap means that the frame or floor of your garage has settled. However, if the bottom door panel of your garage door seems to be sagging, it may be time to replace the panel or the entire door.

Troubleshooting a Garage Door Gap

The easiest type of garage door gap to repair yourself is an opening along the bottom of the door. Many hardware stores sell garage door seal kits that are a good DIY garage door repair technique. However, it is important to keep in mind that garage door weather stripping is only a temporary fix in most cases. If you think your garage door gap could benefit from a seal, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Close the door and measure the gap, as well as the width of your door.
  • Step 2: Purchase a garage door weather stripping kit. Depending on how large the gap is, you can select a seal that spans the width of your garage or just the width of the gap.
  • Step 3: Open your garage door and double check that it is secure before starting work.
  • Step 4: Lay down the garage seal following the directions on the package.

When to Contact a Professional

If you are unsure of the source of your garage door gap or don’t feel comfortable repairing the problem yourself, don’t hesitate to contact your local garage door repair professional. Whether you need a new garage door installed or a simple adjustment, a technician will be able to help get your door back in working order, safely.

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