How to Manage Garage Condensation

Garage condensation is a common problem for Portland homeowners, especially in the early spring when temperatures are still cool but humidity is rising. The “sweat” you notice inside a glass garage door or on the floor of your garage might raise concerns, but it’s simply caused by a well-sealed space. Unfortunately, garage door experts can’t do anything to eliminate this issue, so instead we’ll show you how to manage it with some simple tips.

Prolonged moisture can lead to mold in the garage, so it’s important to be proactive about condensation. The first thing to remember is that a higher humidity level causes more condensation. Once you know this, then you can take steps to reduce humidity in your garage, thus minimizing condensation. If you’re experiencing this problem, try a few of the following tips in your own garage:

garage door condensation issue

Open A Door or Window

For a quick, easy solution, crack a window or door to the garage to let the warmer, humid air escape. Drawing the drier outside air into your garage can balance out the humidity, working to cut down on the sweat you see on the inside of the garage door. If weather permits, leave the door open for at least an hour for best results.

Use an Electric Heater

Propane heaters create water vapor as they create warm air, which will contribute to more condensation around your garage. An electric heater regulates temperature while keeping the air dry, so you’ll be able to minimize condensation buildup while warming your garage.

Keep Excess Water Out

If you drive in the rain or snow and park in the garage once you get home, towel off your car before pulling it in. This will sop up excess moisture before it drips onto your garage floor. You can also take steps to waterproof your garage, such as installing a drain to let any collected water drain out of the garage.

Install A Vapor Barrier

If the previous suggestions don’t work, you may consider a vapor barrier for your garage walls or floor, which protects drywall and insulation from excess condensation. Avoid putting vapor barriers on the ceiling because they’ll trap water inside the garage, which is exactly what we’re trying to minimize.

The experts at Larry Myers Garage Doors have been installing and repairing garage doors for over 40 years in the Portland-Vancouver area. If you have a garage door issue such as excess condensation, chances are we’ve dealt with it in the past, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We look forward to working with you!