How to Prepare Your Garage for an El Niño Winter


Here in the Pacific Northwest, El Niño is clearly on its way. The wet, temperate weather we’ve been having is a telltale sign that this warm front is coming for Portland and Vancouver. While many will enjoy these moderate temperatures, your garage door may not.

There’s a lot you can do to prepare for El Niño. Even though no one can predict with 100% accuracy what this winter weather will mean for the Pacific Northwest, it’s still wise to think about your garage door.

For many of you, it’s simple: you need to replace a garage door that has seen better days. There could be a million reasons you put it off, but El Niño’s added moisture may finally force the issue.

One way to avoid this problem in the future would be with a steel garage door. Steel garage doors have a lot going for them. They can take on a number of different looks, but they also aren’t nearly as vulnerable to the elements as traditional wood.

Specialty garage doors have become popular in Portland and Vancouver as well. Just like with steel doors, simulated wood garage doors give you increased protection.

Whichever option you go with, a brand new door is definitely going to make for a great defense against rain and other forms of precipitation.

That being said, sometimes, garage door repair services will be enough to ensure El Niño isn’t a problem.

At the very least, though, sealing garage doors should be a priority. Use caulk to seal up anywhere you feel a draft. This will keep these warmer temperatures from creating mold in your garage.

Another smart investment would be garage door weather stripping. This is a better way to create a garage door seal than trying to use caulk. Although hot summer months will be an issue you need to address soon enough, for now, make sure your garage door is ready to take on El Niño. Here at Larry Myers, we’re always ready to help.