Keep Your Garage Safe with Our Security Checklist

Simply installing a sturdy garage door does not mean it is secure. People have developed increasingly wily means to open garage doors, including hacking automatic systems, bypassing safety mechanisms, and good ol’ brute force. However, following these seven garage security tips and practices can help keep your garage secure.

Deadbolt the Door Attached to Your House

That way, even if someone manages to get into the garage, they’ll still have a deadbolt between them and the house.

Treat Your Garage Door Remote Like a Key

If someone steals a garage door opener from your car, they likely have access to your garage, especially if you have your address written down on your registration in the glove box.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Sudden brightness can scare away thieves and alert neighbors that something may be amiss.

Cover or Shade Windows

When the interior of the garage is visible, observant crooks can determine whether you’re home and which valuables you keep in your garage.

Secure the Safety Release Mechanism with a Zip Tie

All garage doors require a safety release mechanism that will open the door in case someone becomes trapped inside. Cunning burglars can trigger this release from the outside. You can prevent this from happening by placing a zip tie around the safety release. Just make sure you have a pair of scissors in the garage for emergencies.

Upgrade Old, Flimsy Aluminum or Rotten Wood Doors

Home intruders may resort to brute force to smash their way into a garage. High quality, reinforced steel doors can prevent such break-ins. In fact, specialty garage doors can be designed with garage door security in mind.

Upgrade Your Automatic Opener System

Garage door wireless receivers can be hacked quite easily, so it is important to update your automatic system if it’s over five years old. Though no device is unhackable, newer systems, such as rolling code receivers, take much longer to hack and require more complicated hardware.

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