Larry Myers Garage Doors: Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we take pride in providing the best garage door maintenance services to our Portland and Vancouver communities year round. While inspecting your garage doors is probably the last thing on your mind this summer, it is important to maintain them in order to avoid costly repairs in the hot, humid months ahead. Our staff of garage door experts compiled a list of garage door maintenance tips for the summer:

Perform a Full Inspection

Take advantage of the dry summer months to give your garage doors a full inspection before the snow and rain arrive. By finding problems and scheduling repairs or maintenance before the weather turns for the worse, you can head off any potential problems. If you don’t feel capable of performing a thorough inspection on your own, we’re here to help. Contact your local garage door professional at Larry Myers for a thorough inspection.

Clean Garage Doors

Rust and grime can accumulate on your garage doors’ hardware throughout the year. Take the time to remove these impediments, because they can affect the doors’ performance and pose a safety hazard.

In addition to hardware, it is also important to clean the doors. From removing a small area of rust on steel doors to repainting and staining wood doors, simple cleaning and maintenance tasks can prevent larger issues in the future.

Lubricate Hardware

In order to get the most out of your garage doors, the hardware must be maintained. Garage door hardware, such as hinges and springs, should be lubricated during the summertime to ensure proper working order and to avoid annoying creaks and squeaks. By performing this basic maintenance, you can improve your garage doors’ performance now and in the future.

If you are experiencing any problems with your garage door, contact us today for professional inspection, maintenance, and replacement.