Making the Most of the Fall Leaves Plaguing Your Driveway


Falling leaves signal the arrival of autumn, and with them comes specific garage upkeep necessities to prevent buildup and other problems. This year, learn how to keep leaves out of your garage and off your driveway, as well as how to put them to good use elsewhere. 

Trim Your Trees Ahead of Time

If your trees have branches that extend over or near your driveway and garage, you should trim them towards the end of summer to prevent the leaves from piling up during fall. This proactive measure can save you time and energy when the leaves start changing.

Try a Mulching Lawn Mower

Mulching lawn mowers repurpose leaves and grass clippings into fertilizer for your yard. Best of all, they eliminate the need for bagging and disposing of yard waste. If you do decide to bag the waste after mowing, you can add it to preexisting compost or use it to start a new batch.

Keep a Leaf Vacuum in Your Garage

A leaf vacuum is a smart investment, especially if leaves frequently get trapped in your garage or on your driveway. With it, you can prevent leaves from getting lost in the nooks and crannies of your garage by sucking them up without the hassle of raking.

Many leaf vacuums have built-in shredders and mulchers that can turn leaves into eco-friendly fertilizer for your yard or garden. Multipurpose vacuums can play a critical role in garage maintenance by keeping your floors free of materials that could otherwise build-up and lead to complications.

How to Use Fall Leaves

Broken down fall leaves can be sprinkled over soil to enhance moisture and nutrient levels. They can also be used in compost, but should be combined with other materials such as degradable kitchen waste and grass clippings.

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