Meet the "Smart" Garage

Smart Garage

Technology has completely revolutionized how we live our day-to-day lives. Nowadays, we can use our smartphones to do virtually anything, from calling our friends, to booking tickets, to buying groceries, to paying our bills. How can we use technology to make managing our homes easier? In this edition of the Larry Myers Garage Door blog, meet the “smart” garage.

Smart Garage Door Systems

Smart garage door openers allow you to monitor and control your garage door, gate, or lighting, all from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

What are the benefits of this type of smart garage door opener, such as LiftMaster’s MyQ technology (which we recently wrote a product feature about!)? Below, we’re listing a few benefits of smart garage door openers.

Added Layers of Security

Forget to close that door? Smart garage door openers allow you to check the status of your garage door while you’re away, allowing you to control it from afar

Some smart garage openers have something called vacation mode, which disables the remote controls, meaning that the garage door can only be opened from the inside.

Automatic Maintenance Checks

Some smart garage systems have additional safety features. LiftMaster, for example, created a 3-step safety check, which quickly monitors the performance of safety features such as photo eyes or auto-reverse. This makes it easier to monitor the functionality of your garage door opener, signaling when it might need maintenance.

Energy Conservation

Smart garage systems allow you to monitor lighting, too. Not only does this add an extra layer of security, allowing you to turn on extra lights while you’re away from home for extended periods of time, but it also allows you to save on energy bills by not keeping lights on 24/7.

Additionally, many smart garage door systems are easily integrated with smart thermostats, allowing you to control the temperature of your home while you’re away. For example, LiftMaster, one of the smart garage door opener brands we carry here at Larry Myers Garage Doors, is a Nest partner.

Monitor Activity

Smart garage door openers log when the door has been opened or closed, allowing you to better monitor the activity in your garage. Additionally, many smart garage door openers have cameras, allowing you to view the activity in your garage.

Easy to Install

If you’re interested in safeguarding and optimizing your garage with the latest technology, your local garage door experts here at Larry Myers Garage Doors in Portland, OR will be glad to assist you. Reach out to us today to discuss your “smart” garage options!