National Clean Out Your Garage Day

The first Saturday after Labor Day was National Clean Out Your Garage Day. Don’t worry if you missed it, in our opinion, any day is a great day to get things organized. To help you through the cleaning process we’ve come up with a few tips for cleaning, decluttering, and keeping your garage tidy all year long.

Sort the Chaos into Piles

The first step to garage organization is to categorize things by placing them in piles. Weather permitting, utilize the space outside your garage to sort everything. Get rid of things as you go along.

Some ideas for categories could include:

  • ​holiday decorations
  • tools
  • car supplies
  • emergency supplies
  • sporting equipment
  • sentimental items
  • antiques
  • garden or yard equipment.
Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

You might use that buzz saw some day, and your grandpa’s old model airplanes have sentimental value. Even though many items that end up in garages are valuable or interesting, they often go unused. What can you sell, recycle, donate, or throw away? Let these items find a new home where they will be loved and cared for.

Invest in Vertical Storage

We’ve seen some great ideas for vertical garage storage, like ceiling and wall hooks, hanging nets, and good old-fashioned tall shelving and cabinets. The more floor space you can open up, the more you can enjoy and utilize your garage space. If you park only one vehicle in the garage or use it entirely for storage, maximize the space by building a middle aisle out of tall, sturdy shelves.

Designate Storage Zones

Once you’ve organized your items into piles, break up the storage space of your garage into zones. Hang tools on the wall over the work bench and reserve the back corner shelves for holiday decorations, for example. Everything has a place in a clean and organized garage.

Ideas for zoning out garage organization should be based on how you use the space:

  • tools near your work space
  • garden supplies near the back door
  • holiday decorations and other once per year items can be stored up high and out of the way
Securely Store Hazardous Equipment and Chemicals

A clean garage does not necessarily mean a safe garage. Never put sharp tools where they can fall when you reach for them. Secure dangerous equipment like saws and blades in casings or clearly-labeled boxes. Hunting rifles and other weapons should always be locked in cases and separated from their ammunition.

Be sure to store hazardous chemicals securely so they don’t fall over and spill, and keep them out of children’s reach. Prevent toxic fumes by storing reactive chemicals apart from one another.

All these tips are useless without a proper garage door to keep everything enclosed. Whether you’re going for a rustic look with simulated wood or something more sleek and modern with steel garage doors, we have the right door to keep your garage looking neat and organized. Questions? Contact Larry Myers Garage Doors for more information about our products and services.