Pacific Northwest Problems: 6 Ways to Handle Mold in Your Garage


In the Pacific Northwest, we enjoy some of the most diverse weather in the United States. So while rainy winters fade into beautiful summers, with the changing seasons come some unique PNW home maintenance issues. Mold is a common problem for homeowners in the Portland region. Once it starts, it can be difficult and expensive to get rid of. Fortunately, you can take action now to prevent it with our top six techniques and maintenance tips.

Correct Problem Areas

All homes have problem areas. Identifying these areas early reduces the risk of developing mold in the future. Before the rainy months begin, thoroughly inspect all areas of your home and keep your eye out for high-risk places like damp basements, lack of weatherproofing and water-damaged flooring or walls.

Get Rid of Moisture

Moisture caused by rain or accidental spills should always be dried immediately to prevent mold growth, even if it is on concrete in your garage. Never allow it to sit for longer than 48 hours.

Check Your Ventilation

Proper ventilation in your garage and the rest of your home can prevent moisture sticking around, and creating perfect conditions for mold. Make sure that you have good air flow in the rooms of the house that create the most moisture (bathrooms, kitchen, exercise room, screened-in porch).

Keep Humidity Low

Humid areas tend to be at higher risk for mold. According to the EPA, the ideal humidity level for indoor areas is between 30 and 60 percent. However, keeping humidity low in a garage is a challenge. Garage doors in Portland are especially susceptible to housing more moisture than is ideal. Contact us for help finding the right design to keep humidity at bay.

Direct Water Away

Water should be kept off of your home and away from your garage as much as possible to prevent mold. Homes without sloped areas around them can be at higher risk.

Repair Roof Damage

If you hear dripping in your garage, it’s possible that you have a leaky roof. If this is the case it should be repaired to avoid mold growth on the ceiling of your garage.

With a couple of proactive garage maintenancestrategies, you can feel more confident in the battle against mold. If you are interested in learning about garage doors that can enhance your strategy, get in touch with us today.