Spring Cleaning: Ways to Use Your Garage to Help Organize Your Home

Spring is finally right around the corner which means, here in Washington and Oregon, we’ll start enjoying some milder, warmer weather soon. Of course, it also means spring cleaning.

If you’re not overly excited about that, it might be because your home lacks storage or organizational space. Although you may need to clean your garage out first, with a few small changes, it can become a great space for storage.

Add Shelves and Drawers for More Storage Space

Most garages offer a wealth of space that never gets used. Owners park their cars inside them, keep their trash cans there and store equipment for the winter. However, the majority of the perimeter could easily support shelves and drawers that you could then use for a whole host of things.

Both shelves and drawers are affordable and easy to install. Just make sure that if you use drawers, you label them from the outside. Otherwise, this type of garage storage could quickly become counterproductive.

Use Pegboards for Your Tools

Thanks to pegboards, you can make good use of vertical space to store your tools and yardwork gear. If you don’t like the look of pegboard, there are a lot of alternative garage storage systems that people use for their tools and equipment.

Don’t Forget All the Extra Space Overhead

Shelves are great around the wall, but you probably also have a lot of unused space above your head too. Overhead garage storage is becoming increasingly popular these days. While there are all kinds of garage storage solutions for ceilings, some easier to access than others, it’s probably best to use this space for seasonal items you won’t need to go up and get on a regular basis.

Move Your Laundry Room to the Garage for More Space Inside

If you have enough space in your garage, consider moving your washing machine and dryer out there. With a combo unit, you won’t need much room at all. If you decide to make this change, we highly recommend insulating your garage, so it stays nice and warm while you’re doing laundry in the winter.

Cleaning your garage doesn’t have to be a laborious chore. By adding garage storage solutions like shelving and pegboard, it will be easier to keep both the garage and the rest of your house spick and span.

If you have questions about any of the garage storage ideas we mentioned, contact us at Larry Myers Garage Doors.