Stylish Commercial Garage Doors Open Up Restaurants' Option for Summer Dining

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we specialize in crafting garage doors for restaurants and other commercial establishments. Since 1973, we have created custom commercial garage doors that bring beauty and value to any venue. Learn more about what a commercial garage door can do for your business.

Outdoor Dining

Roll up garage doors and other types of commercial garage door styles make outdoor dining convenient and comfortable for both your staff and guests. Incorporating a custom garage door into your restaurant instantly adds more seating for outdoor diners bringing in more revenue and making it easier for your staff to service guests.

Modern Style

Our garage doors for restaurants are far from ordinary. A custom designed garage door can add immense style to your establishment and instantly give it a more modern look. Don’t settle for a standard one that doesn’t complement your business’s design scheme. Create a custom garage door and bring the perfect image of your business to reality.


Commercial garage doors add security and provide you with a peace of mind. Paired with a security system such as an alarm, you can rest assured knowing that your restaurant is protect. The right garage door can bring beauty and security to your business.

Open up outdoor dining and boost the aesthetic value of your restaurant with a custom garage door. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about our custom garage doors. If you’ve got the idea, we’ve got the tools and expertise!