Larry Myers Garage Doors has served the northwest with excellent garage door installation and repair since 1973. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in not being a franchise and offer the best prices, service, and reliability in the Portland area.

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Absolutely amazing service! I am so impressed with the prompt, professional, same-day service I received from your company. Your tech went the extra mile when he replaced the broken spring that trapped my car in the garage. I'm sure we will be doing business in the future! Thanks so much for your professional service.

Tim G.
  • Our garage door spring broke making it so we couldn't open the door and get cars out. We recently moved from Hood River to the Troutdale area so did not have any local contacts for this repair. Looked on Yelp and contacted someone that had some very high ratings and great comments on responsiveness - they never responded. A friend recommended Larry. He was very responsive and was able to come out the next day. He fixed our garage door in less than an hour, was extremely nice and explained what he was doing. Our garage had cars in it so he had tight quarters to work in and he assured me the cars would be fine and he was extremely careful. Larry was great, and we highly recommend him! Linda V.
  • I backed into my garage door over the weekend, trapping my car and stranding me. I called on Sunday and was surprised to actually speak with a human. The guys came out this morning and got things moving again - showed up on time, fixed it quickly and charged me a very reasonable amount for the job. I've been using Larry Myers Garage Door for years and have always been very happy with their work. Cindy S.
  • Service is the absolute best with this company. They are very fair in pricing and guarantee their work. I would never call anyone else and have recommended them to many friends. I just gave them a great review also on Facebook. I give them my highest remarks and recommendation Dick C.
  • Had a spring break loose on my garage door last night. Called Larry Myers Garage Doors and spoke with the nice receptionist at 10:00am today. Was quoted a very reasonable price of $135 to fix the spring and was told someone would be out between 2pm and 4pm today. Better yet! The gentleman showed up early at about 11:45am and replaced both springs within 45 minutes. I'm up and operating in less than 24 hours. Such great service! Do yourself a favor and call this local company! Thank you! Amy D.
  • Our garage door spring and cables broke with our car trapped inside. Larry showed up within an hour, helped me get my car outside, returned and repaired our garage door at a very fair price. He is knowledgeable, efficient and a great guy to do business with. Adelle G.