The Homeowner’s Guide to Garage Doors: How Do They Work?

The Homeowner's Guide to Garage Doors - How Do They Work

Although they are an essential appliance that protects your home and your family, garage doors are often overlooked. The mechanics of a garage door may seem simple, but do you know exactly how your garage door works?

Larry Myers Garage Doors has the expertise and knowledge needed to inspect and maintain your garage door.

Two Garage Door System Types

A garage door is operated with a counterbalance system that uses force to offset the garage door’s weight. There are two garage door systems types, but both depend on garage door springs to provide the assisting force.

Extension Spring System

An extension spring garage door system uses springs and cables which are attached to the bottom of the garage door. When the garage door is closed, the springs are extended, and as the garage door opens, the stored energy in the springs lifts the door. 

It’s important to note that extension spring systems don’t last forever. The steel in the springs will weaken over time as the door is opened and closed throughout the years. 

For this reason, it’s vital to check if your extension spring system has a safety cable running through it. If not, there may be significant damage caused by the garage door if the spring breaks.

Luckily, Larry Myers Garage Doors can inspect your system and offer you the necessary repairs to keep your garage door safe. 

Torsion Spring System

The most popular type of garage door system is a torsion spring system. Torsion springs are usually placed horizontally above the garage door opening. As the garage door goes down, the cables that are hooked to the bottom of the garage door cause the springs to wind up and store energy. 

The torsion springs unwind when the garage door is opened, and the stored energy lifts the door up. However, like extension spring systems, the steel springs in a torsion spring system will also deteriorate over time.  

Professional Garage Door Assessment

At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we specialize in inspecting and repairing garage doors in the Portland area. Whether you have an extension spring system or a torsion spring system, it’s essential to have your garage door checked regularly. This maintenance will ensure proper operation and prevent any significant safety issues. 

If you have any questions about your garage door or would like to schedule a professional assessment, contact us today.