Things To Remember: Your Garage Door During Hot Summer Months

If you enjoy spending time in your garage, you may dread the summer months. With a few simple maintenance tips and cooling strategies, you can easily make your space more comfortable. Stop toughing it out and start enjoying your garage more this summer with these tips.

 Weatherproof Your Garage

Standard weatherproofing procedures such as caulking, insulation and weather stripping are critical for keeping your garage cool. These components take a beating, especially when it comes to Portland garage doors. High winds, rain and heat deteriorate weatherproofing elements over time, making it critical to conduct routine maintenance.

 Rethink Your Garage Door

Your garage door acts as a barrier against the weather, which is why you may want to consider replacing it with a newer, more durable model. Materials such as wood, steel and vinyl all come with their own unique benefits, making it difficult to choose the best option. Our team is available to help you find the perfect match for your home or business.

 Create Better Air Flow

If you have a window in your garage, you can easily reduce the temperature by exhausting hot air out of it with a fan. Be sure to setup another fan opposite the window to aid the air circulation. If your garage doesn’t have a window, you may want to consider installing a ceiling fan or energy-efficient air conditioning unit, such as a through-the-wall model.

When it comes to bad weather and garage doors, we’ve got you covered with convenient and affordable services. Stop sweating and start enjoying your garage this summer. Contact us today for more information or browse our blog for other garage maintenance topics.