Tips for Selling Your Home: Staging the Garage

The internet is full of tips for staging your home for sale, but one area that is often overlooked on these lists is the garage. Not only is the garage door one of the first things people notice when looking at potential houses, but the state of your garage can greatly influence a buyer’s decision. Here’s how to stage the garage in a way that makes people want to buy your home.

Remove Clutter

Staging the garage is a lot like staging any other room in the house—the less clutter, the better. While garages often serve as extra storage for hard-to-place objects, you might consider renting a storage space to hold some of the items you’ve been storing in your garage, as it will make it seem less cluttered and more full of possibility.

Do Some Deep Cleaning

Whether it’s cleaning oil stains off the garage floor or removing cobwebs from corners, it’s important to give your garage a good cleaning before people start viewing your home. Having a clean car can even make the garage seem more appealing to anyone who’s looking to buy your house.

Organize Your Tools

Having a designated work space can be a real perk when trying to sell your house, but not if it looks like a mess. We recommend re-organizing your garage when it comes time to sell. That way, your workspace will look clean, well-organized, and pleasing to the eye. One great tip is to hang some of the tools from hooks on the wall.

Try a Fresh Paint Job

Giving your garage door a makeover with fresh paint is a great way to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. Not only can this cover up any scratches or discoloration, but it also gives your home a fresh, clean look that others are sure to love.

Consider Your Curb Appeal

How much value does a garage add to your home? A lot! And while a fresh coat of paint is one great way to up your curb appeal, if you’re looking for a bigger selling point, it might be time to install a new garage door. Choosing a popular material or garage door style could increase the value of your home and could even help you sell your home faster.

Feeling inspired to update your garage door before your big move? We’re here to help! From garage door installation to custom garage doors, we can help you take your Portland or Vancouver home’s curb appeal to the next level.