Top 5 Issues that Require Professional Garage Door Repairs

There are many problems that can arise with your garage door and its supporting hardware. Unfortunately, because of their weight and complexity, it’s not safe to handle a broken garage door by yourself.

Here are five of the most common issues that require professional garage door repairs.

Replacing Rollers

Garage doors rely on rollers that allow the door to slide smoothly along its track. These rollers can wear down or become damaged over time. When this happens, you may have trouble opening or closing your door. It may even come off the tracks completely.

A trusted garage door technician can make quick work of replacing rollers. They’ll be able to keep your garage door working longer. They can even repair the unique rollers of specialty garage doors, like double door arrangements.

Repairing Lifting Cables

Your garage door uses lifting cables to connect the bottom of the door to your spring system. This allows your garage door opener to apply pressure evenly to the bottom of the door, opening it properly.

These cables are under high tension. They can fray and break if they are unaligned on the drum. If they break, your garage door won’t be able to stay open, and you risk a serious safety hazard if it should fall on anything or anyone.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

Springs provide a counterbalance for your garage door, making it possible for you to open and close the heavy door. They also ease the burden on your garage door opener.

Springs can get stretched out or break over time, which means that the counterbalance will be gone. Your garage door opener may wear out faster, and opening the door by hand will be extremely difficult. Luckily, a skilled technician can replace springs very quickly.

Realigning Horizontal Tracks

The tracks that hold your garage door on the ceiling must be carefully aligned to prevent the door from coming off. Excessive vibrations and other kinds of wear can cause them to become misaligned over time. A garage door technician will be able to set them straight and diagnose the root cause of the problem.

Repairing Garage Door Openers

If your garage door opener isn’t working, it could be due to a broken gear. If the gear is stripped or missing teeth, it won’t be able to drive the chain that lifts the door. A professional garage door technician will be able to safely replace that and any other garage door opener components that may need to be repaired.

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