Top Benefits of Commercial Garage Doors for Storefronts

The entry to your store does more than simply let customers in — it also makes a statement about what they will find inside. Installing a commercial garage door as a front entrance is an effective way to draw attention and create a mood. If your storefront could use a makeover, consider the following benefits of a commercial garage door.

Enhanced Visual Appear

Specialty garage doors can make your business stand out. With a specialty garage door, you can choose from a number of unique designs and materials to create a new entryway with loads of visual appeal.

Increased Usable Space

Restaurants, bars, wineries, and other event venues enjoy the extra space that a commercial garage door offers. You can easily control the traffic flow or open up to accommodate live music and other types of entertainment by simply raising or lowering the door.

An Open Aesthetic

You can’t always add more square footage to your store, but you can make it look larger with a glass commercial garage door. Glass-paneled garage doors immediately let in natural light and provide an expansive view to the outdoors. These two things give the look and feel of more space in a small interior, which can be especially attractive in spaces like coffee shops or lounges.

Create an Architectural Feature

If modern or industrial aesthetics are an important part of your branding, a commercial garage door is the perfect complement to your style. It can be difficult to create an interesting design element in a retail setting, but a garage door as a storefront definitely makes a statement.

Increased Security

For some stores, security is a bigger concern than aesthetics. With a steel garage door, you won’t have to give up one of these things for the sake of the other.

Steel garage doors are practical, durable, and energy efficient. And with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, they also add style to your storefront. And of course, the strength of steel offers an additional layer of security to your business.

Are You Ready to Roll?

Today’s commercial garage doors are compatible with modern security tools and come loaded with important safety features that make them ideal for public use.

If you’re ready to enhance the look and function of your Portland storefront with a new commercial garage door, contact the team at Larry Myers Garage Doors for more information.