Top Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

Your garage door requires maintenance, just like any other component in your home. Keeping an eye on the condition of your garage door can help you to know when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Constantly Be Listening

The first tip for maintaining your garage door is to tune in so that you’re always aware of the sounds being made by your garage door. You should listen to how it moves along the tracks. Is it moving smoothly or are some places moving abruptly and suddenly? Listen to the motor of the garage door opener, as well.

Your goal is to establish a baseline of how your garage door sounds. You should be aware of any issues just by listening to the sound that it makes while opening or closing.

Keep It Simple and Have the Bolts Tightened

Your garage door moves up and down tracks thousands of times per year. Vibrations happen, and bolts are going to be loosened up. If you notice sounds or visually see that bolts are loose, call in a professional to tighten them.

You may need to replace the rollers at a certain point, too. You should have a professional inspect your garage twice per year for cracks and bending. Every seven years, they should be replaced, although it may be more frequent, depending on your usage.

Examine the Garage Door Balance

A properly balanced garage door will work efficiently and power through its workload. An improperly balanced garage door will struggle to open.

You can test your balance by disconnecting the opener — which is usually done by a red cord that hangs by your opener — then manually move the door about halfway up. If the garage door doesn’t stay in the same place, this means that the springs are not balanced properly. You should leave adjustments for these springs up to the professionals, but you can diagnose the issue by yourself.

Lubricate Any Moving Parts

Once per year, set aside some time to have your garage door lubricated. A professional can use white lithium grease and apply it to the opener’s chain or screw. They can also apply a spray lubricant to the overhead springs to ensure that they continue to operate efficiently throughout the life of your door.  

Stay Aware and Keep Testing

Garage doors are not complex, but they still require attention. Stay aware of how your garage door sounds and keep testing the balance.

Contact us when you need assistance with garage door maintenance. At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we know what it takes to protect your investment.