Valentine’s Day Garage Door Decorating Ideas The Kids Will Love

Want a cool way to surprise your kids and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember? Try decorating your garage door for the holiday! Not only is it a fun way to show your family you love them, but everyone in the neighborhood can admire your Valentine’s decorations.

Garage Door Decorating Ideas

The best place to find inspiration for your garage door décor is by looking at Valentine’s Day cards. Then, recreate your favorite one. For color inspiration, consider using reds, pinks, and whites. Here are some of our favorite garage door décor ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Use Garage Door Magnetic Decorations

If you have a steel garage door, magnetic decorations can be a great way to enhance your décor for Valentine’s Day. Whether you decide to use large hearts or write a Valentine’s message with different letters, your magnets will look great and will be easily removable once the holiday is over. Plus, you can reuse the different letters when you decorate your garage for Christmas.

Try Garage Door Decals & Stickers

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so covering your garage door in heart decals or stickers is a great way to get your family in the spirit of celebrating. Be sure to choose decals that will not damage the paint during removal, otherwise, you may need a fresh coat of paint after Valentine’s Day is over.

Let There Be Garage Door Lights

Decorating your garage with LED lights is a festive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We recommend white, red, or pink lights around the garage door trim. If you’re wanting something a little more extravagant, you may be able to find heart-shaped lights. Remember, using clips or magnets to hang the lights will prevent you from damaging the trim with nails.

Whenever you’re decorating your garage, be sure to consider where the decorations will end up during the opening and closing of the door. Take special care to make sure the decorations won’t interfere with the tracks, springs, or any other part of the garage. You can also use this opportunity as a chance to declutter your garage or perform any routine garage door maintenance.

We hope that you found these decorating ideas to be helpful! If have questions about the types of decorations you can safely use on your garage door, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask your local garage door experts at Larry Myers Garage Doors. We serve the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas, and would be more than happy to help with any garage door questions, repairs, or installations.

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