What Are Simulated Wood Garage Doors?

A new garage door immediately adds curb appeal to your home. And there’s no better upgrade than the warm look of wood. When you want a touch of class, simulated wood garage doors can be a budget-friendly alternative to the real thing. Modern simulated or fauxwood garage doors are stunning, designed with a realistic wood grain texture that’s nearly indistinguishable from genuine wood.

What is Simulated Wood Made From?

Faux wood garage doors are typically built around a fiberglass, steel, or aluminum core. The core is then overlaid with a wood composite material that has the look and texture of natural wood. The simulated wood can be stained or painted to complement the style of any home.

Not all faux wood garage doors are made equally. At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we offer only high-quality simulated wood doors that look and function like their more expensive counterparts.

The Advantages of Faux Wood

Cost is the primary benefit of a simulated wood garage door, but it’s not the only one. Other benefits include:

  • Less maintenance required
  • Easier and less costly installation
  • Several factory finish color options to choose from
  • Lifespan of 15 to 30 years
  • Customizable
  • Better insulation
  • Not susceptible to rot, warping or termites
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Will not rust

Simulated wood garage doors offer the best of wood and metal. They are both strong and beautiful at the same time. If you love the classic warm look of real wood but prefer a less expensive option, faux wood garage doors from Larry Myers Garage Doors are an easy choice.

Caring for Your Simulated Wood Garage Door

While they require less maintenance than real wood, garage doors made from simulated wood do need some care. Just like any garage door, they can be dented or scratched. However, wood composite is a dense, strong material made to withstand the elements.

Occasional washing will keep your simulated wood garage door looking great. If the finish does lose its sheen through the years, some touch-up of the paint or stain will have it looking like new again. And if you ever decide to change the color scheme of your home’s exterior, simulated wood garage doors can be refinished to match the new look.

For questions about installing simulated wood garage doors on your home or to schedule a free consultation, contact Larry Myers Garage Doors. One of our friendly customer service agents would be happy to discuss the product options that will best fit your style and budget.