What Is the Best Time of the Year to Get Garage Door Maintenance Done?

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Get Garage Door Maintenance Done?

Your garage is ultimately a wide-open space in your home. It can leave the entire house and everything inside vulnerable to the elements if not properly guarded. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality garage door that’s well-maintained.

Not only does annual garage door maintenance keep you protected, but it also ensures your garage door is working properly and survives its whole operational lifespan. Planning your annual garage door inspection and maintenance appointment is an important part of preparing your home for another year. 

Having your garage door inspected before the winter months is often recommended, as those months leave your home most vulnerable. The best time of year to schedule your inspection is during autumn so that you can prepare your home for the harsher conditions. 

Experts also often recommend servicing your garage door twice each year for optimum performance. In this case, you should schedule your maintenance services in both the spring and fall. 

Why Garage Door Maintenance Is Best Done in Autumn

When it comes down to it, your garage door is a heavy piece of machinery. It has a lot of moving parts that need to be regularly serviced for it to continue working. From lubricating moving parts to tightening loose screws, there are many things an expert will do during your annual appointment.

If you only have your garage door serviced once each year, it should be done before winter arrives. Because winter puts such strain on every home, it’s recommended you have your garage door inspected and serviced before those months arrive. 

Snow and ice can put pressure on your door, so it’s important to make sure your garage door is working properly and can withstand outdoor conditions. 

Your garage door also provides insulation against the colder temperatures, so you’ll want a professional to check the bottom seal as well. This seal protects your home from the outside and keeps you from wasting heat. 

Understanding Garage Door Maintenance

When you book a garage door maintenance appointment, you can expect inspection and tune-up services. Here are some of the things experts will do when they come for your seasonal maintenance appointment:

  • Check the bottom seal on your door
  • Check and balance the springs
  • Tighten any loose screws
  • Apply lube to hinges, rollers, and springs
  • Check hinges
  • Adjust keypads or sensors if necessary

Maintaining your garage door is an essential part of preparing your home for winter, so it’s best to schedule your appointment in September or October to get ready. 

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