What Should I Do If My Garage Door Gets Dented?

If you have damaged your garage door, know that you are not alone. People frequently drive into their garage doors for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your driveway was slick or you could not see well while you were backing up. It happens, even if it’s not so fun to deal with.

Now that the door has a dent in it, what should you do? The proper steps will vary, depending on the severity of the damage.

Assess the Damage

Do not try to close or open the door with your remote. If the system is damaged, attempting to open the door may only make matters worse. Do not push the door or walk under it until you are sure that it will not come loose. 

If something seems wrong, cut the power to the automatic door opener to prevent anyone from pushing the button accidentally while you wait for a professional repair service to arrive.

Look at the Tracks

If the door is no longer adequately fitting into its tracks, you will need to contact a repair specialist to fix the door. Your car may become stuck in your garage, which can create a hassle. Just remember that trying to finagle your way out from under an unstable door may be a recipe for an even bigger problem.

Do Not Leave a Dent Unfixed

A dent might appear to be minor, but a small flaw can create more significant problems for the system that opens and closes the door. If you leave the dent in place, the door’s repeated use could allow a small problem to become a substantial issue.

If you intend to sell your house in the future, you will want to repair the damage, as the dent may lower your home’s value and make the property seem less aesthetically appealing.

A Technician Can Help

If you are particularly handy, you might be tempted to fix minor dents on your garage door on your own. However, remember that attempting to fix a garage door can be dangerous! If you decide to attempt such fixes, you will need tools such as:

If you have not performed similar repairs or are unsure whether the damage is purely superficial or structural, you should always contact a garage repair technician.

Service for Your Garage Door

When damage happens to your garage door, turn to a qualified professional for help. Garage door repair can be tricky and you deserve to have it done right. If you’ve got unsightly damage to your garage door, call Larry Myers Garage Doors to consult with the local trusted garage door experts!