When to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

If own an older home, there’s a good chance that your current garage door opener is outdated. But garage door openers can last a surprisingly long amount of time, so how do you know when it’s time to replace? Our garage door repair experts review 6 reasons why you should upgrade your overhead garage door opener.

Your Opener is Noisy

If it feels like your entire neighborhood can hear your garage door opening and closing, it might be time for an upgrade. Many older openers utilize a chain drive, which can be quite loud. Belt drive and screw drive garage door openers both provide a less noisy alternative. Even modern chain drive openers are much quieter than the older chain drive versions.

Your Opener Has No Safety Reversal Feature

If your garage door opener has a safety reversal feature, the door will automatically reverse if an object passes underneath it while it is in motion. This feature is especially valuable if you have children or pets. Reversal mechanisms have been required on all openers since 1993. If your current garage door opener doesn’t have this feature, it may be time for a newer model.

Your Opener Has a Fixed Code

Did you know that many older garage door openers can be susceptible to thieves? If your garage door has a fixed code, there is a device that someone could potentially use to find the code – giving them access to everything in your garage. Most new openers have a rolling code that is not able to be duplicated using one of these devices.

You Can’t Use Your Opener During a Power Outage

Many of us know the pain of manually closing and opening your garage door during a power outage. Modern garage door openers are often equipped with battery backups that will power your door in the event of an outage. If you live in an area where power loss is frequent, this feature alone might make upgrading your garage door opener worth it!

You Use a Key to Open Your Garage Door

If you still use a key to open and close your garage door, you can make your life easier by upgrading to a modern opener with a keypad. Some garage door openers even operate by touch using your fingerprint!

Your Opener Requires Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself calling a garage door repair company a few times a year, it’s probably time to upgrade your opener. Compare the cost of these repairs over the past year with the cost of a brand new overhead garage door opener to determine whether repairing or replacing is best for your budget.

Your garage door opener should make your life easier, not cause more stress and worry! Contact us today to learn more about our garage door opener installation services in Portland and Vancouver.