Why Won't My Garage Door Open Fully?

When your garage door won’t open, you can be left frustrated and without answers. At Larry Myers Garage Doors, we have proudly served as the leading garage door repair service in the Vancouver and Portland areas. With many years of experience fixing all kinds of garage door complications, we can help you troubleshoot your door in a few easy steps.

Ensure Springs are Functioning

The torsion springs are the part of a garage door that do most of the heavy lifting. Therefore, if your garage door isn’t opening properly, it’s especially important to ensure the springs are functioning correctly as a first step. If your springs are in need of repair and you try to test your door’s other components, it can worsen existing damage. Checking torsion springs can be dangerous, so it might be best to consult a professional if you suspect they are part of the problem.


Check for Obstructions

When it comes to garage door openers troubleshooting, it’s best to start with the simplest solution. Often times, obstructions block the photo eyes of garage doors. This causes the door to not close or open all the way. Make sure that there aren’t any objects near the front or sides of your door before moving on to other troubleshooting steps.


Inspect the Tracks and Rollers

If the tracks or rollers on your garage door are bent or malfunctioning, the door will not open or close properly. Carefully inspect these components. If you come across any damage, you can contact us for a free estimate or to schedule a consultation.


Increase the Open Force and Travel Limits

If your garage door has manual force adjustments, increase it slightly and attempt to open your garage door using the automatic opener. If your door opens at least five feet but not all the way, try increasing the travel limits and attempt to open the door again.


If your garage door is not opening after using these troubleshooting tips, feel free to contact us directly for help. With free estimates and same day service in most cases, our professional team is ready to get your door working like new in no time.