Why you should never attempt to handle garage door repairs on your own

Why you should never attempt to handle garage door repairs on your own

If you are like many DIY-savvy homeowners out there, you love a good project. You can’t wait for the weekend and taking on the latest challenge, whether it is an expansive landscaping effort, shoring up that retaining wall, repainting siding or addressing any number of household items in need of attention. There’s no doubt that owning a home provides a never-ending supply of “entertaining” projects.

But what happens when your home’s biggest moving part breaks down? Your garage door is big, heavy, and works hard every day all year long. In fact, most garage doors are relied on to go up and down well over 1,000 times a year, and we count on them to keep vehicles, recreational equipment, tools and a wide range of other items safe and secure. A broken garage door might inspire you to tackle the job yourself but is that really a good idea?

Dangers of DIY garage door repair

We’ll say it again: garage doors are heavy. Really heavy. And they are installed in specific ways that most homeowners are unfamiliar with. The most obvious reason not to tackle a repair yourself is the potential for injury. A garage door loosed from its moorings can crash down and at best, inflict severe injury; at times it can be fatal. In addition, the springs that hold and lift a door are under enormous tension and if one breaks, it’s like a missile with the same danger factor.

Digging a deeper hole

Few homeowners have the expertise to properly repair a garage door’s complex systems. Diving in headlong has the potential to only make the problem worse and leave you with far more than just a repair—you might have to replace the entire door. A professional has the skills and experience to get the job done right.

It’s not an easy job

Repairing a garage door is not an easy job that gets done in an afternoon, with time left over to relax in the sunshine. Professional services exist for a reason; focused training and a lot time goes into honing the skills needed to bring a broken door back to life. A pro will take the time needed, with the right tools and skills to use them, to ensure your door is repaired and operating as designed. Most importantly, they will put safety first so you can rely on years of consistent service.

Keep yourself and family safe; partner with a pro for your next garage door repair project.